Garrison Cap

Garrison Cap

This garrison cap is in the style of the Marine Corp cap and can include an eyelet for pins

Leg Harness

Leg harnesses can be made in various color combinations and styles

Shoulder Bag

These bags have 3 zippered pockets; 2 on the front and 1 large pocket on the back. These can be made in various color combinations.

Two-Strap Wristbands

This is a snapped version of a wristband that usually has buckles

Spiked Dog Collars

I can make them for canines or humans! (or both!)

These collars are made with quality latigo leather with a soft leather lining. $55 and up


One day this woman came into the shop, removed her tube-top, announced that she wanted a leather bustier, and caused a visiting friend to fall off his chair!

Five-Inch Wrist Cuffs

As an option, these cuffs can be made with a hidden zippered compartment for cash or ID

Spiked Everything

When only spikes will do...

Tire Tread Wristband

This wristband features a tire-tread pattern. This was a joint-venture. The customer cut out the little pieces and I glued and sewed them on.

Studded Belts

Here are four examples of hand-made studded belts. A two-row pyramid, a rectangle-dot combo, an elongated rectangle design that resembles a watchband, and one that uses three different hexagonal studs to create a snake-skin-like look.

Theses are my personal belts so they have been worn a lot. Your belt will be all shiny and new! $125 and up

Perforated Leather Jock Strap

This jock straps is made with perforated leather. This style has a more traditional elastic waistband and butt straps. $75 and up

Perforated Leather Jock Straps

I can make jock straps with wider and/or taller pouches. This is an example of an extra-wide pouch. $75 and up

Decorated Orange Gauntlets

These gauntlets feature orange flames with a cut-out cross on each. These were designed by a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.