Black-on-Orange Suspenders

These are 1" wide with black hardware...

Black-on-Orange Suspenders

...including the black ring on the back (tattoo not included)

Blue-on-Black Suspenders

1-1/4" wide blue-black suspenders...<

Gray-on-Black Suspenders

1-1/4" wide gray-black suspenders...

Gray-on-Black Suspenders

...with a black flat union on the back

White-on-Black Suspenders

1-1/4" wide white-black suspenders...

Yellow-on-Black Closeupt

A close up of the back of a pair of yellow-black suspenders showing the black union in detail


In addition to traditional rings and D-rings, we carry several different styles of flat unions for harnesses and suspenders from Gentlemen's Equipment & Specialty Clothing. They come in burnished, colored, and mirror polished. Colors are black, red, blue, and yellow. Unions may not be available in all styles and finishes.