Pants and Shorts

Pants Alteration

This musician purchased these pants online but they were far too tight. We opened up the sides, then added a leather panel, grommets, and leather lacing.

Orange-Black Shorts

These shorts feature front zippers...

Orange-Black Shorts

...and lacing down each leg

Thrasher Shorts

These are a leather copy of a pair of Phat Pharm thrasher shorts

Thrasher Shorts

While it's hard to see, there is an extra pocket under and to the right of the right-side back pocket

Brown Pants with Matching Belt

This customer wanted everything in brown. These pants have a two way zipper that starts at the back waistband and goes all the way around to the front waistband and includes a matching belt.

Black Levi-Style Shorts

These shorts are based on 501 Levi's but have wider and longer belt loops to accommodate most studded belts

Black Levi's-Style Shorts

Additionally, they have a two-way rear zipper that goes from the waistband to the crotch seam


Jeans style pants are $400 and up depending on your choices. Shorts start at $350. Please plan on a minimum deposit of $150.


Plan on 3-4 visits:

  1. Design details and measurements
  2. Fitting and adjustments
  3. Ready for pick-up!

Occasionally an extra fitting may be needed