Standard bar chaps for a very tall gentleman

Standard Bar Chaps

These are our standard bar chaps that we made for a very tall gentleman!

Chaps with Stripes

Another example of regular bar chaps that have a red stripe down the outside of each leg

Chaps with Stripes

I can make chaps with a variety of colored stripes. This one has red stripes down the outside of each leg.

Chaps with Stripes

Back view of the red-striped chaps (woof!)

Chaps with Lacing All Around

These chaps use lacing both for adjustment on the legs and back as well as for the front closure

Chaps with Stripes

An example of chaps with a blue stripe down the outside of each leg

Chaps with Stripes and Lacing

Theses chaps feature both red stripes and a lace-up front

Chaps with Stripes and Lacing

The back view of the red-striped, laced-up-front chaps

Chaps with Buckle Front

These chaps have a belt and buckle closure as an alternative to snaps

Motorcycle Chaps

This is a pair of regular motorcycle chaps. They are generally made less tight than bar chaps and zip up the back outside corner of each leg.


$375 and up depending on your choices. Extra charge for thighs larger than 24". Please plan on a minimum deposit of $150.


Plan on 3-4 visits:
  1. Design details and measurements
  2. Leg adjustment and waistband details
  3. Front & back openings and waistband positioning
  4. Ready for pick-up!
Sometimes steps 2 and 3 can be combined