Top harness

Top Harness

This top harness features pentagonal unions from GESC.

Backpack Harness

Backpack Harness

This harness is called a "backpack" because from the front it look like you are carrying a backpack. New Trend: Some people are now wearing their harnesses on the outside of their shirts!

"Monster Harness"

This 2-shoulder strap harness features unions from GESC along with extra heavy stainless-steel rings.
(In memory of Braden Jockmyhn, 1980-2021)

2-inch Latigo Harness

This is an extra-wide latigo harness with two straps side straps that connect to your cock ring

Shoulder Chain Harness

This is a variation on an English top harness with chain around the shoulders

Studded "Side-Ring" Harness

This is a variation on a studded top harness

Studded D-Ring Top Harness

This is a latigo leather harness with two rows of pyramid studs. Instead of rings it uses large D-rings which work well on his muscular torso

Very Customized Harness

This was probably the most customized harness we ever made!

Black On Orange Bulldog Harness

This is a variation on the bulldog harness that has a customer-supplied buckle in the center strap

Black On Yellow English Top Harness

This is a variation on an English harness that uses two unions instead

Black Triangle Union

A close-up of a bulldog harness that has black triangular unions


In addition to traditional rings and D-rings, we carry several different styles of flat unions for harnesses and suspenders from Gentlemen's Equipment & Specialty Clothing. They come in burnished, colored, and mirror polished. Colors are black, red, blue, and yellow. Unions may not be available in all styles and finishes.