Louis Vuitton Sling

A customer brought in an old Louis Vuitton bag and asked if it could be made into a sling. Of course it can!

Four-Point Sling

All four corners of this sling have 45° angled straps with heavy 3" D-rings. This sling works well in multiple installations including on sling frames. Each sling comes with a pair of stirrups for leg support.

Car Cover Sign Holder

I can sew most sturdy fabrics such as this sign holder attached to a car cover

Wrist Restraints

These restraints come with lead-chains. I can also substitute a D-ring for the chain.

Ankle Restraints

Like the wrist restraints, this pair has lead-chains. Additionally, this pair is long enough to fit around most boots, but can be made shorter depending on your needs.

Strap-On Dildo Harness

What can I say? Small dildo, big person!

Strap-On Dildo Holder

Big dildo, small person. I can make whatever you desire.

Head Sling #1

This is a head-on shot of a "head sling" that was designed to support the user's head while under a rim chair

Head Sling #2

This is a side shot of a different "head sling." They both use stainless steel Conway buckles for adjustment.

Red-on-Black Restraints

These are my wrist and ankle restraints with D-rings instead of lead-chains and feature a two-color design.

"Stirrup Thing"

I was handed a sketch of this item and made it to his specifications. But I never saw it in use, nor was I told how he would. Speculation abounds!