Front of the uniform shirt
Back of the uniform shirt

Uniform Shirt

This uniform shirt features gray piping around the pocket flaps, epaulets, and sleeves

Rugby Shirt

A rugby/soccer style shirt with the old Moose Leather logo

Sleeveless Shirt

Close up to show the blue piping on a sleeveless shirt

Western Style with Red Accents

This is a long sleeve western-style shirt. To add flare we used red leather for yokes, pocket flaps, and cuffs

Black with Short Sleeves

When I made this shirt, I was asked to take it in very close on the sides. I was concerned that he would outgrow it in a short time. Well, it is now over 20 years later and he can still wear it!

Lace-Up Shirt

An example of a shirt with lace-up front and sleeves

Yellow Piping Alteration

While I did not make the shirt, I removed the sleeves, enlarged the arm holes, and added the yellow piping


Uniform style shirts (S,M,L) are $400 and up depending on your choices. Extra charge for XL and larger. Ask for a quote on other styles. Please plan on a minimum deposit of $150.


Plan on 3-4 visits:
  1. Design details and measurements
  2. Fitting and adjustments
  3. Ready for pick-up!
Occasionally an extra fitting may be needed