Bar Vest with Gray Striping

This bar vest features gray stripes on the front and the back

Berlin Vest

The Berlin vest curves around your pecs and is shorter in length

Bar Vest

Regular bar vest with side pockets.

Bar Vest

Regular bar vest with curved lower front. Photo from the early days...

Motorcycle Vest

Motorcycle vests usually close in the front to provide some protection from the sun and/or wind when riding.

Orange Vest with Black Cross

This was designed by a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and features black grommets and lacing down each side of the vest

Modified Western-Style Bar Vest

This shows the yellow piping detail on the back yoke of a modified western style bar vest. It also features chain on the shoulders and the sides.

Scooped-Front Vest

A brown suede fitted vest with a "scooped" front

Bar Vest

Regular bar vest orange an stripe on each side


Bar vests (S,M,L) are $165 and up depending on your choices. Motorcycle vests (S,M,L) start at $225. Extra charge for XL and larger. Please plan on a minimum deposit of $50.


Plan on 3 visits:

  1. Design details and measurements
  2. Fitting and adjustments
  3. Ready for pick-up!